What do you stand for?

Taking a Stand requires an impetus, an inner impulse to initiate movement — a desire to go somewhere, to do something, to be someone. 

When we are disconnected from that impetus, it is difficult to move. That disconnection is the result of a decision.

In order to move freely, we must be aligned in our head, our heart, and our body. When these three are connected, Taking a Stand is possible, we can orient ourselves in the direction of our choice


“The message you have is SO profound!
I have not seen anyone communicate it in such an impactful way as you have to college students."

Samantha Melling - U.K.


Daily Inspiration

Snippets of support and encouragement in various forms of digital media on the regular.

Casual Contemplation

Periodic questions weekly to reflect upon to help gain perspective, and step towards your goals.

Intent Upon Arrival

Set customized reminders when you arrive at a specified location.

Watch yourself grow...

With the Taking a Stand complication —  it's super simple to quickly share your thoughts and feelings seamlessly in the moment.

"As a parent it was a great read and is also I believe a great read for high school through millennials. Exercises to help discover if you are making choices from your heart to walk your own path or someone else's or society’s."

 Amazon Customer


A Cum Laude Harvard Law Graduate, Jon Unger — dropped out of law and into the crazy world of high school soccer. 

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